Carrier Stick Mini - Essential Oils Carrier Stick

Carrier Stick Mini

$ 8.95

The popular Carrier Stick now comes in a smaller MINI size. The Carrier Stick Mini is the perfect size to carry with you everywhere you want to go.

Replace your liquid carrier oils with the Carrier Stick. A solid carrier oil to use with  your own essential oils.

Carrier Stick is a great alternative to messy liquid carrier oil.

Just swipe the Carrier Stick on your skin topically, place a couple drops of your favorite essential oils on that swipe, and rub in.


Shea Butter
Coconut Oil
Sweet Almond Oil
Vitamin E Oil

Made with 100% natural ingredients.

We recommend Carrier Sticks are used within 1 year of opening.

All natural ingredients in our Carrier Stick have an average shelf life of 1 year. We put Vitamin E in our Carrier Stick which acts as a natural preservative giving the shelf life of a Carrier Stick a little over 1 year.

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